London Campaign Against Arms Trade

A local branch of the Campaign Against Arms Trade

Campaign Against Arms Trade

London, our home, is the global hub of the arms trade and London CAAT was established in late 2006 to peacefully protest against the local elements of this trade in death.

The members agreed that it was important to raise the awareness of Londoners that the arms trade is widespread throughout our city. London CAAT is an active group and we carry out many actions in the city, for example walking tours of the arms companies situated in London and protests outside events related to the arms trade.

We are a friendly group of determined people, some getting involved for the first time, who are committed to making a difference in our hometown. We meet on the third Tuesday of each month in a central London location and we welcome any new members.

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Protesters outside the museum Our fantastic new Disarm the Museum wallets The grim reaper comes down to thank the museum for giving a veneer of legitimacy to the arms trade
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